Fat Reduction In Houston, Tx

Reduce stubborn body fat with today’s most advanced technology built to tone and transform your body without downtime or surgery.

At BeYoutiful Anti-Aging Studio in Houston, TX, we know that stubborn fat and cellulite can be especially difficult to deal with. Sometimes it takes more than a healthy, clean diet and regular exercise routine to reach your body goals, which is why we offer an effective fat reduction treatment that can help reduce excess fat, tighten and smooth the skin, and improve the appearance of cellulite all from the comfort of our office.

What Is a Fat Reduction Treatment?

In-office fat reduction treatments are body contouring treatments that use advanced technology to target and reduce stubborn fat cells through a non-invasive and painless treatment process. At Beyoutiful Anti-Aging Studio, we use the Venus Legacy™ device to perform our fat reduction treatments.

This device uses radiofrequency energy and pulsed electromagnetic fields to shape and tone the body, improve skin texture, increase natural collagen and elastin production, tighten the skin, smooth wrinkles, and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The Treatment Benefits

There are many benefits to undergoing Venus Legacy™ treatments. This non-surgical fat reduction treatment will deliver gradual results so you’ll never look like you underwent an invasive procedure to reduce pockets of fat. Other treatment benefits include:

  • The treatment is safe for all skin tones
  • It’s a non-invasive, non-surgical fat reduction treatment
  • Treatments are virtually pain-free
  • Treatments are quick and convenient
  • You don’t have to plan around post-treatment downtime
  • It can tighten and smooth the skin, reduce cellulite, and improve overall skin texture

How It Works

This treatment device uses radiofrequency heat energy and, during treatment, once activated, delivers uniform heat just below the skin’s surface to stimulate increased collagen and elastin production, which results in smoother and tighter skin. At the same time, the heat energy reduces the fat cells in the treatment area, improving the appearance of those areas with visible cellulite.

While it is an effective treatment for patients with stubborn fat cells that have resulted in cellulite, it can also address the common signs of aging, including skin laxity and wrinkles.

The Treatment Areas

We can use this treatment device to address problem areas on both the face and body. If you’re interested in treating multiple areas, we can discuss those areas with you during your initial consultation. Common treatment areas include the buttocks, backs of the thighs, arms, middle and lower half of the face, abdomen, and back.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have cellulite resulting from pockets of excess fat on different body areas or sagging skin and wrinkles resulting from skin laxity, you may be a good candidate for a Venus Legacy™ treatment plan. Venus Legacy™ is safe for patients with all different skin tones.

Some patients may not qualify for treatment for safety reasons, including pregnant women, patients with certain diseases or medical conditions, patients who have received injections into the treatment area, and patients with skin inflammation or a skin infection in the planned treatment area. We will schedule an initial consultation with you before treatment to ensure that you are a good candidate and that this fat reduction treatment is a safe option for you.

One of the benefits of this treatment is that you can schedule it during your lunch break at work and then return without planning around downtime. Patients can expect treatments to take approximately 30 minutes; however, those who want to treat multiple areas may require a longer appointment.

The best results come when patients undergo a treatment plan that includes six to eight sessions per desired treatment area. However, this may vary based on the patient’s goals, which is why we schedule a consultation before the treatment to develop a personalized treatment plan. Typically treatments are scheduled once weekly for the best results.

While you may not see results after one treatment, your results will build after each treatment you schedule. The best results take three to four months to become visible. You can maintain your results long-term with maintenance appointments as needed. We can provide details about how often you should schedule your maintenance appointments based on your treatment area, how aging has affected you, and your desired results.

Venus Legacy™ treatments are virtually painless. Patients can expect to remain comfortable throughout the treatment process. We will adjust the device as needed throughout the treatment to ensure that your target area receives uniform heat but also that you maintain comfort. During treatments, you’ll feel a warming sensation on your skin and a gentle suctioning designed to promote skin tightening benefits and increased collagen and elastin.

You can ensure long-lasting results by eating a healthy diet and exercising consistently throughout and after your treatments. This treatment is designed to help patients reach goals and target certain body areas that don’t respond to a healthy lifestyle. A commitment to a healthy lifestyle on your part will promote the best results.

Reduce Stubborn Fat With a Personalized Venus Legacy™ Treatment Plan

If you are looking for a non-invasive fat reduction treatment that can help you reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the health, tone, texture, and appearance of your skin, we can give you more information about Venus Legacy™ and how you can benefit from a unique treatment plan. Call BeYoutiful Anti-Aging Studio today at (713) LIP-5656 or visit us online at request a consultation to review your personal treatment options.