Meet Kay McCunis

Voted Top 10 US Aesthetic Injector (2015 - 2022)
Aesthetic Everything Award Winner (2012 - 2023)

Studio owner Kay McCunis is an esteemed professional who excels in multiple roles. She is recognized nationwide as a Master Injection Artist, Nurse, Director, and Injection Trainer, positioning herself as one of the leading pioneers in cutting-edge injection artistry.

Kay’s exceptional skills have earned her numerous accolades, including the Aesthetic Everything Award from 2013 to 2023, as well as consistently securing a top spot on the nationwide TOP 10 Lists from 2015 to 2022. With 15 years of experience as a Nurse Injection Perfectionist, Kay takes immense pride and enthusiasm in offering a range of innovative and advanced services. Her mastery of various advanced injection techniques has garnered high praise from industry professionals and local patients alike, who have not only sought her expertise in the past but also continue to follow her.

Kay has personally developed several groundbreaking injection techniques, showcasing her artistic abilities through precise and meticulous sculpting-like maneuvers with her hands.

Beyoutiful Women Foundation

Beyoutiful Anti Aging Studio is proud to be a part of the beyoutiful women foundation, benefiting struggling veteran women and battered women needing help. Owner Kay McCunis, businesswoman, injection trainer to doctors and nurses nationwide and owner of the hottest aesthetic art studio in the heights, finds the time to help others by creating her foundation. Kay found that many women vets coming home, were struggling to get back into a sense of normalcy and pick up their lives where they left off. Although many foundations focus on our male veterans we tend to lose site on our female vets trying to regain a path to the lives they left behind. So Kay founded “Beyoutiful Women” foundation. Helping veteran women overcome the obstacles that stand in their way. Kay has dedicated her life to help many and has selflessly donated her master artistic talents and time working with those who struggle. She inspires people to give what they can and she educates others how to implement what they have learned from her.